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Life and Property – are both precious and vital to each of us. Various types of properties, whether it is residential areas, commercial places like offices, shops, malls, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, railway stations, bus stations, schools, community centers, and buildings already constructed, those under construction require management and maintenance.

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About Us

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Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle any pest infestation problem. We use eco-friendly and safe pest control products and methods to ensure that your property is protected without harming the environment or your health.

We Use Modern Tools & Technology

Our modern tools and technology allow us to quickly and accurately identify pest infestations and develop customized pest control solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We also use advanced monitoring tools to track pest activity, so we can provide ongoing pest control services that ensure your property remains pest-free.

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Our Services We Work Many Fields To Clean Your Surrounding Area


Lizard Pest Control Services

Lizards, commonly found in all households, do not pose direct harm to human beings and do not transfer any deadly diseases.


Silverfish Control Services

Silverfish are teardrop-shaped, silvery, or gray. They have a tapered abdomen with three long,bristle-like appendages.


Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Bed Bugs are so-called because they are mainly found in beds. They are located across the world, and they spread quickly.


Ants Pest Control Services

Ants are insects with slender waists and elbowed antennae. Ant is social, showing a very high level of social organization.


Rats & Rodents Control Services

Rodents are mammals with a single pair of continuously growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws.


Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes belong to a group of insects that diverged about 226 million years ago, and there are 3000 species of mosquitoes.


Cockroach Pest Control Services

Cockroaches are members of the order Blattodea, and about 4,600 species and over 460 genera are described worldwide.


Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment

Termites, are known to wreak havoc. The most popular termite treatment is using the porous pipe Anti-Termite Treatment.


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