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Mosquito Control Services
Mosquito Control Services
Mosquito Control Services
Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes belong to a group of insects that diverged about 226 million years ago, and more than 3000 species of mosquitoes have been identified so far. They are smaller the 15mm in length and have a pair of scaled wings with halters. To propagate their population, mosquitos suck the blood to extract protein and iron essential for producing eggs.


Habitat /Nests

Mosquitoes are cosmopolitan and are found worldwide. They are found in every continent except Antarctica and a few islands with polar or sub-polar climates. They are not found in Iceland.



Mosquitoes prefer those humans who have type O blood, who are heavy breathers with an abundance of skin bacteria, those with high body heat, and pregnant women with blood meals.


Mosquito Control Treatment

Controlling, Prevention, and Treatment of Mosquitoes are essential for human beings as the growth of the mosquito population increases the threat of many diseases like chikungunya, malaria, dengue, filarial, etc.

Many measures have to be tried for mosquito control. Some of them are:

  • Elimination of breeding places.
  • Exclusion via window screens and mosquito nets.
  • Biological control by using parasites such as fungi etc.


Indicators for the Presence of Mosquitos

If you notice the following, it is time to call the RPA Pest Control Services team for mosquito pest control services.

Whenever you see a massive population of mosquitoes in your house and neighborhood that is not getting affected even after using mosquito repellents, it is time for you to desire a professional mosquito pest controller to provide treatment for mosquito control.

Contact us if you see the above indications for mosquito control and treatment.

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