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Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment

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Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment
Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment
Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment
Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment

Porous Pipe Anti-Termite Treatment

Termites, also known as “white ants,” are known to wreak havoc. They can destroy household items, woodwork, fence, wooden poles, plastic pipes, and everything that comes in contact with termite-infested soil. They can also damage crops and trees, providing fruits and shade. It is, therefore, essential to opt for termite treatment to reduce the damage caused due to these insects.


Anti-Termite Treatment

Considering the economic loss that is caused due to termite infestation, termite control services are used, which provide pre-construction treatment and those for under-construction buildings. The most popular termite treatment is using the porous pipe Anti-Termite Treatment. The pipe made of recycled rubber offers excellent flexibility and can be used to treat the area under construction before flooring. By regulating the flow of anti-termite chemicals, any future invasion by termites can be prevented.


What are the advantages of using Anti-Termite Treatment?

The advantages of using porous pipe Anti-Termite Treatment include:

  • The system is highly durable and can offer protection from termites for a longer duration.
  • There is no need to dig the tiles or drill holes in the floor to inject anti-termite chemicals to prevent termite infestation.
  • You are no longer required to upheaval the room or house while getting termite treatment.
  • The house does not smell pungent despite the anti-termite chemical being in place.
  • The occupants living in the building are not exposed to the harmful fumes of the insecticide.
  • The piping system has a warranty of 20 years, with refilling done every three years.
  • Even the distribution of chemicals takes place under the floor.


How does this termite treatment work?

Termite control services offering this time of treatment lay flexible, continuously perforated rubber pipes along the internal periphery of the building as well as the center of the flooring. This is done using a grid design. The placement is done along with the flooring before laying of sand bed or fixing the floor tiles or marbles. Since emitters are present in the perforated pipe, uniform distribution of anti-termite chemicals occurs under the entire flooring. The chemical is distributed at a pre-calculated rate, and no area remains untreated. No debris, clay, or concrete can accumulate to block the pipe when it is continuously used. With the open end of the network connected to several junction boxes, you have several refilling points to ensure continued protection of the structure from termites.

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